Artwork by Tom Crowley

OUT OF CHARACTER is a brand new podcast from Alex Lynch and Great Big Owl Family devoted to sketch and character comedy.

Each episode, Alex interviews creatives from the world of sketch and character comedy - writers, performers, producers to find out what made them venture into that world. We look at the comedy they grew up with and how it helped them shape their career and find their voice - or in this case, voices. We also find out more about their craft and process when creating a show, be it for stage or screen.

There is also a regular feature 'Chain(ge) of Character' in which the guest has to improvise and describe a brand new character on the spot based on nothing but a made-up name given to them by the previous guest.

The show was recorded in the first lockdown of 2020 between April and June. It then launched via Great Big Owl in April 2021 and can be heard wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen here!

Series 1

Episode 1: Tom Crowley

Episode 2: Anna Morris

Episode 3: Richard Soames

Episode 4: Harrie Hayes

Episode 5: Steve Dawson

Episode 6: Susan Harrison

Episode 7: John Henry Falle AKA The Storybeast

Episode 8: David Reed

Episode 9: Gemma Arrowsmith

Episode 10: Kieran Hodgson

Series 2 is currently in production...

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